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52 Weeks of Gratitude

52 Weeks of Gratitude

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The best way to end a day is with gratitude.

Sounds good right !

But when I started my gratitude journey, there were days when it was a task to identify what am I grateful for!

Cant be the same things everyday right?

Came across gratitude journals ( which is also a great practice)

But the journals also ask you to identify three things you are grateful for!


Good sleep

kind neighbours


Good food 

Nice coffee

et etc

I felt like everyone needs like a little bit of help at the beginning of the gratitude journey!!


Direct questions which have a focus on gratitude


Isn't that simpler?

and yes compliment it with daily regular gratitude notes

Pick a prompt each week

No need to look for a journal 

write directly on the card

by the end of the year you have a beautiful collection

since these are cards you can also make a wall of gratitude in your room by putting these up!!

52 aesthetic cards where you can write 

Thick textured cardstock paper 



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