Gratitude: Super Food for the Soul

Gratitude: Super Food for the Soul

We have all heard about super foods for our body, what about our soul? Little doses of gratitude have the power to re-wire our brain, it offers the nourishment our mind needs. People who practice being grateful show significantly higher levels of happiness and mental well being. Counting your blessings is the easiest way to change our mood and become more positive in the moment. Being grateful is a choice, it requires practice, its like programming your brain to look at what the half filled class and not the half empty glass. Question is how can we bring it in practice? Simplest way is to start by saying “Thank You” more often, there are so many opportunities through out the day, thank everyone who helps you, be it the parking attendant or a co-worker who helped you with a query. Start noticing more, be aware of the small acts of kindness that you witness through out the day. expressing gratitude bolsters self-worth and self-esteem. When you realise how much people have done for you or how much you have accomplished, you feel more confident.

How to bring in more gratitude in your daily life?

1. Be more mindful 

Use your senses touch, see, smell, taste and hear and come in the present moment. Can you breathe fresh air? Tasted good food today? Did you hear some melodious music? Could be very small things to be grateful for. 

2. Use visual reminders 

Keep some art work on your work desk or home walls that reminds you of gratitude. May be post-its on your mirror reminding you to be grateful.

3. Appreciate others 

It's a great feeling to be appreciated, when you make someone feel good about themselves it rubs off on you too, smiles are infectious. Also as humans we tend to compare our lives with others but when appreciating the other person you raise your vibrations higher. 

4. Change your perspective 

If you are going through a tough time, take a moment and ask yourself is this is a lesson in disguise , or an opportunity to try something else. Even the toughest times have some silver lining try to look for it be grateful for that. It could simply be your ability to process, could be friend who is there listening to your problems. 

5. Set routines 

Mornings are great to start your day with a positive intention, make gratitude a part of your daily morning routine like brushing your teeth. Keep a journal to write your thank you notes, revisit these when you are feeling low, it will make you happier. End your day by thanking all the good that happened throughout the day. 

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