5 Books that changed my life

5 Books that changed my life

Books have the power to teleport, transport you to another world, time travel is also possible when you are reading, well a bibliophile will sure agree with me. As Stephen King once said " Books are a uniquely portable magic " , it takes you around, makes you believe in so many wonders, at the same time has the power to ground you, centre you. Here are five books that changed my life


1. The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle

Each time you wander into the past or think about the future you go away from being in the NOW, its a great reminder for me every time I get anxious 

2. Power of the subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy

Manifest anything and everything just by the power of your subconscious mind. PS: Try to ignore the Biblical references

3. Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza

An inspiring book, how normal people have experienced wonders just be being energy focussed, meditation.

4. Ikigai 

The Japanese secret to a long and happy life 

5.Think like Monk by Jay Shetty 

Overcome negativity, stop overthinking

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